One major feature in the garden is a massive Magnolia Campbelli, around 40ft high.  This picture was taken in February as it was just starting to unfurl its beautiful, rich pink flowers.  They are not yet fully open in this picture and are currently a bit lop sided, as the flowering starts on the west side of the tree, which gets the most sun.

Then the snow came.  Well, everyone knows, it never snows in Cornwall!  Maybe the odd smatter, but not proper job snow.  This year we had proper snow with a vengeance.  It made the garden very pretty, but the magnolia did not like it at all.  Instead of a carpet of pink petals, the ground was covered (when the snow melted) with a carpet of mush.  The buds had dropped from the tree and turned to a slippery mess.

This is what we didn't get this year!

Definitely not this.  Still, hopefully next year.

It appears that other plants may have been hit hard.  As mentioned before, we usually do not have to lift anything to over-winter, and we have probably suffered for it this year.  Usually in Spring, we let a meadow develop in one part of the garden.  This is usually a riot of colour, but this year is looking just sad.

This would normally be a clump of yellow and red Sparaxis, which incidentally, just arrived in the garden all by itself!  We started out with a few flowers, and year on year, they have expanded to give us a great display, but not this year!  I doubt we will get one flower, as the foliage is turning to mush, but time will tell.

It can't be denied that it did make everything look quite magical!  The view looking up 'the drive going nowhere' outside our gate.

The pedestrian gate.

The stream, in a veritable blizzard!

The arch at the end of our footbridge, and my attempt at topiary, a box hedge.

Well, the snow is now all gone, and the temperature is gradually rising.  We are still experiencing a lot of rain, but have managed to make a start in the garden.  See the next blog!


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