The Vegetable Garden

Before we take a trip to the vegetable garden, I have to report a theft!  The vehicle access through the main gates leads to a bridge over the stream.  The original bridge was constructed of huge granite stones.  When we had a new bridge built, the builder kindly constructed a wall with the old granite.  Last night somebody stole a bit of it!

So now we have an odd looking gap in the middle of the wall!

The Vegetable Garden

The rear right-hand corner of the garden is sectioned off as our vegetable garden and propagation area.  This year has been so wet that digging over the plots is a slow process, but we will have a look now, and hopefully revisit when they are full of produce!

The rhubarb is growing well.  Trouble is, it is on the lawn.  A friend brought it round and it is destined for the plot behind the compost bin, but again, it has been too wet to dig it over.

The middle plot ahead is full of leeks planted last year.  This is the most unsuccessful crop that we have ever had.  They are all due to be dug up tomorrow.  Leek and potato soup is on the menu.  Recently we purchased a walk in propagater (seen on the left).  It was so useful, that we then bought another.  Lots of much needed extra space.  They are back to back on the decking and anchored with metal staples, so very secure.

One plot dug over - it's a start!  The one in the rear is growing green manure, which now needs to be cut and dug in.  An overdue job, again due to the constant rain.

Last two plots.  The front one was used last year to grow cut flowers, but this year will contain runner beans.  The rear one has sweet peas planted.  These were grown in the green house, planted last November.  They had good, strong  roots when planted out, so hopefully will be vigorous plants.

Last year, we grew the sweet peas up bamboo wig-wams, but the weight of the plants combined with heavy winds, toppled the whole thing over.  This year we have gone for some sturdy, metal frames.  Another four are on order for the runner beans.  Both stronger and more attractive than the bamboo.  Hopefully we will get many years of use out of them.

The green house full of plants destined for the vegetable plots, hanging baskets and patio pots.  There is no room to spare, so really glad of the extra room in the new walk in propagaters.  

The first propagater is home to the citrus (lime and lemon) trees which were indoors for the winter in the conservatory.  They were attacked with thrips and badly infested - discovered when we returned from a month's holiday, so we had not been able to nip this in the bud.  They look much improved now, following treatment with neem oil, and will shortly go out on the patio to spend the summer.

Second propagater full of begonias, potted on from plugs.

So, a break in the weather (or a lull in the rain) and finally the beds are dug over.  A sunflower has been planted in the centre of each bed to attract insects, and look good!  Courgettes have gone out, and are in the sweet pea bed.

We will return, and inspect the progress of the vegetables and bedding plants.


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