Broad Beans

Time to plant out the first vegetables.  These are going into plot 7.  This plot has been used to grow some daffodils for cutting.   

As with the sweet peas, the obelisks face the house.  We are planting Broad Bean, Masterpiece Green Longpod.  When they are fully grown and in flower, they will be pleasing to look at from the house.  Broad Beans need good support as they can easily snap in the wind, so the obelisks are ideal to tie the in to.

                    The health properties:

1. Loaded With Nutrients

2. May Help With Parkinson's Disease Symptoms

3. May Help Prevent Birth Defects

4. Contain Immune-Boosting Nutrients

5. Beneficial for Bone Health

6. May Improve Symptoms of Anemia

7. May Improve High Blood Pressure

8. May Aid Weight Loss


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