Tidy Up


This area is at the top of some steps  leading from our main patio area on the east side of the property.  The steps seen in the background lead up to the composting bins. This area has not been touched yet this year, so the pots need a good tidy up first.  Once the dead foliage is removed, I will leave them as there are bulbs coming up from previous years - tulips and daffodils.  There should be some lovely tulips including some of the parrot variety, a red and yellow flower and also a black one, that is if they survived the winter.  When the bulbs are done, I will put in some bedding plants. Next is clearing the weeds from the cracks between the slabs.  You can see the handy tool that I use laying on the patio.  You can also see my trolley. This handy little seat on wheels allows me to continue to do low level work as I can no longer kneel. The dirty pot you can see needs a good clean and refilling with water. It contains a floating fountain feature.

All tidy.  On to the next job.


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