Vegetable Plots

They are called vegetable plots, but we also grow cut flowers in them.  The first plot to be tackled is actually plot 8.

Plot 8 is on the left in this shot, next to the small greenhouse.  Covered, as you can see, in the obligatory pink petals from the Magnolia.  There are four obelisks which will be planted with sweet peas.  These face the house, so make a pleasing visual display.  The rest of the plot will probably be planted with parsnips, which we have grown in the past and achieved some quite huge specimens!

After a good weed, the plot is planted with sweet pea seedlings with strings in place for them to cling to as they grow.  The varieties planted are:

💮 Wuthering Heights

💮 Heathcliff

💮 Red Arrow

💮 Fairy Lights Mix

The seedlings have been planted one variety per obelisk.

We also have the variety, Norman Wisdom, seedlings but these are destined for another part of the garden as they are renowned for their scent, so they will be planted in one of the areas where we sit.



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