The first Acer in full foliage is glorious in the sunshine today, such attractive golden foliage.  This was here in a pot when we moved in and over the last 10 years has thrived.  It first became too big for the pot so we moved it to the edge of the rose garden, but it continued to thrive and became too large for that location, so it was moved to its present position against the Cornish hedge that is the front boundary of the property.  I would imagine that it is the variety japonicum 'Aureum'.  This is the third season in its current position, and at first it was not too happy, but it really seems to be thriving again this year, so here it will stay!

There is another Acer behind the Aureum, and its history is the same.  First in a pot then moved to the other side of the rose garden.  It is thriving but its foliage appears quite a while later than its companion.  It, like all the Acers, is an attractive tree.  Its foliage starts green but changes to red.

The shield bug also seems to like the Acer!


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