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East Side Boundary

Well, the walls looked lovely covered in Bluebells and Wild Leek, but when they have finished, it is time for a good tidy up.  Out comes my little wheeled trolley, which I rely on as I cannot kneel anymore. Yes, there is a wall under there somewhere!  Also some Osteospermum which need some space. The patch of Bluebells has been left to die back, but now they are ready to be mowed.  First, of course, checking for baby hedgehogs as they like to nest in high grass. There is the wall!  the grass will soon pick up and more Osteospermum have been planted.  I am hoping for a good display this year. When it was in its full glory.  Sham it can't stay that way!  

Fairy Garden

A rather lovely, pink amaryllis that I have had for a few years.  It has already been divided to create another two plants. This was the Roller Garden, for obvious reasons!  A large pile of granite rocks were there, which are probably the remains of an ancient bridge across the river.  It therefore needed to be made into a rockery.  The rockery has now become home to my fairy garden.  I add to the collection every year, and this year I have added two wine glasses and an ice bucket to go on the little patio table.  The fox and the wheel barrow and the fairy having a chat with a rabbit. Another small table and chairs and a fairy asleep on her moss bed.  More new additions. Last new addition, spot the unicorn.  This was all very well, but a creature/creatures seem to be plodding across the garden at night and causing disruption.  The sleeping fairy has been tipped out of her bed and the ice bucket thrown off the table and one of the tiny bottles of wine has completely disappeared!  I will